Mind the Aussie 2011 | Part 2

The Australian Open is officially over and it was a great two week. There were so many memorable matches and the tournament coordinators did a fantastic job putting the event together. Congrats to Craig Tiley and his entire team for a job well done!

The Men's Tour: It’s deeper than deep!  The field included brilliant contenders such as Nadal, Verdasco, Lopez, Federer, Murray, Djokovic, Monaco but also had great competition from Del Porto, Berdych, Ferrer, Cilic, and other young aspiring players ranging from 18-21 years of age.

The Men's Final: Changing of the guard! Novak Djokovic won his second Australian Open with a straightforward 6-4 6-2 6-3 win over a lacklustre Andy Murray in Melbourne.
I reckon Djokovic displayed what the game is all about.  He went about his business and kept his focus.  At this point in time he is equal to the very best in every department of the game.  His serve is gaining speed and he is placing it in all locations and he doesn’t have much action on the second serve.
Novak also has one of the best forehands and backhands, making him eligible to do anything he wants with the ball.  Along with that, he has a great slice which can be offensive or can be used to change the rhythm of the opponents.  He plays the game with tons of confidence and has fun while doing so.
On the other hand, it was sad to see a repeat performance of Murray’s last Grand Slam final appearance. What he could do was nowhere to be found in this match. Actually, it seemed to me as if he was too worried about his strings!

But no matter what happened at the 2011 Australian Open, Rafa Nadal is a champion of champions. Only a few athletes from any sport can match what he does on and off the playing surface.  Yes, he appeared to get injured on the first few hits of his match against Ferrer, but never once did he falter from his drive to compete.  So many players would have retired, but his respect for his opponent forced him to complete the match.  His career will be determined by his physical make-up and if healthy has the ability to become the greatest player in the history of tennis.